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Past events

Our A-DigiKomp final meeting

On February 14, 2023, all consortium partners in our A-DigiKomp project came together for the final meeting at RWTH Aachen. Based on the fascinating results and updates of the last half year, lively discussions and new ideas emerged. As within the previous status meeting, all project partners presented reviews of their work and provided exciting previews for the remaining months of the project. We are looking forward to what awaits us in the remaining months and would like to thank all project partners for their great contributions and insights.

A-DigiKomp status meeting Nr. 5

The first in-person status meeting of A-DigiKomp took place on 20.09.2022 in Cologne. The Döpfer University of Applied Sciences invited all consortium partners to the metropolis on the Rhine and organized a first personal meeting with interesting updates, exciting discussions and promising ideas. As usual, all project partners gave a review of the work of the past half year as well as an outlook on upcoming projects. Further collaborations were explored and plans for new publication were made. We would like to thank our hosts for the fantastic organization and hope that the next meeting will also take place live and in-person!

A-DigiKomp status meeting Nr. 4

A new year, a new status meeting! On 20.01.2022 the fourth status meeting of A-DigiKomp took place. Due to the current Corona situation, the meeting was held online again. All consortium partners gave a review of their work of the past half year and an outlook on upcoming projects. Possibilities of cooperation and publications were discussed and a fifth status meeting (offline) was envisaged with great optimism.

This was the 3rd status meeting of the joint project A-DigiKomp

On June 29, 2021, the 3rd status meeting of A-DigiKomp took place online. All consortium partners gave a review of their work in the past half year and an outlook on upcoming projects. In addition to constructive exchanges, further networking meetings were planned for the coming months.

We did it! A successful CGN Game Jam lies behind us

The CGN Game Jam, organized and carried out within the framework of A-DigiKomp, took place from Friday, February 05, 4 pm to Sunday, February 07, 4 pm. Programmers, graphic-, audio- and game designers as well as creative minds from all over Germany participated in the game jam. Within 48 hours, the teams managed to develop first ideas for entertaining and content-rich learning games to increase digital competence.

The entire A-DigiKomp team would like to sincerely thank all participants of the CGN Game Jam who showed commitment, creativity and stamina and made the weekend a fun, inspiring, creative and memorable jam.

Check out for game ideas from our talented game jammers. Have fun trying them out!

Impressions of the kick-off event of the CGN Game Jam.
Impressions of the kick-off event of the CGN Game Jam.
Participants Wanted for Focus Group/Group Discussion

In the context of the research project A-DigiKomp, young people between 16 and 25 years old are wanted, who are interested and motivated for on-line focus groups with target group representatives and would like to exchange their experiences in the Internet for 1-2 hours in a causal setting with peers.

The group discussions will take place on various dates in October online, i.e. comfortably from home, and will be remunerated. Various topics will be discussed on digital identity, online risks and the relationship between young people and digital media. The background is to be able to integrate the experience and ideas of the target group into the project and to be able to perfectly adjust the promotion of digital competence and sovereignty through context-based assistance systems and serious games to the interests, requirements and needs of young people.

Curious? Then become part of a focus group and help to advance research in the field of digitization and internet competence! Further information and the possibility to register can be found here:

NB: As there is only a limited number of places available, we will assign the places to those who have contacted us first.